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“Why am I even going to this?! Cayne is just going to ruin it for me!”

I had been listening to this all night. Sarah wanted to go to that party, she was just nervous because her brother’s best friend Benji would be there. Apparently he was something special. I’d never met him before so I was excited to see what was so great about him. In fact, I’d never even met Sarah’s brother. My parents had divorced junior year of high school and mom had moved us to Sunset Valley. Sarah was the first person to introduce herself to me at our new school. We have been inseparable since then. Cayne had been away at college then and our paths had never crossed.

“Wait! I have an idea.”

Oh no, this couldn’t be good.

“You can distract Cayne while I sneak off with Benji!”

“Sarah, I’ve never even met Cayne…”

“So? One look at you and he’ll be under your spell. You’re hot, Vi.”

There was a pleading look in her eyes. I knew I was giving in. 

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