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I heard Benji yell as my sister walked through the door. He picked her up and spun her around in circles, she gave a delighted squeal. Benji was okay. He was like an older brother to Sarah, he knew not to mess with her. A girl had walked in the door behind Sarah, one that I’d never seen before. Her hair was the darkest shade of red I’ve ever seen. I had at thing for red hair.

I watched as the girl played nervously with the tips of her hair. It didn’t look like she wanted to be here. I’m sure Sarah found some way to sweet talk her into it. She was good at that. I made a quick decision that I needed to meet one of Sarah’s friends. Especially that one. I made my way over to them. 

“I see you got mom and dad to leave you alone? They stayed up here overnight when I moved in the first year.”

I spoke to Sarah, but my eyes never left the red head. Were her cheeks turning red?

“Cayne! I thought you would be hiding in your bedroom.” 

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