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Hiding in his bedroom? Was he one of “those” guys? And why was he looking at me like that? Did he think I was one of “those” girls? I had barely been kissed! I didn’t have the experience he was looking for. He was making me nervous. The little grin on his lips made me believe that he knew just how nervous he was making me.

“Cayne, this is Violet. Benji wanted to show me your new hot tub so would you mind keeping her company? She didn’t bring a bathing suit.”

I had brought a bathing suit and I was ready to correct Sarah when I remembered what I had promised. If I had seen her brother before I made that promise I definitely wouldn’t have made it. He was too attractive. I couldn’t do this.

“No problem, I’d love to keep Purple company.”

I had been avoiding looking at him, but the second he called me that my head snapped up to meet his eyes. I hated when people called me that. It wasn’t funny.

“My name is Violet.”

I hope he could hear my annoyance. Unfortunately, Sarah had chosen that moment to grab Benji’s arm and pulled him away from us. She owed me big time for this.

“I know, I’d never forget your name.”

Dammit. I smiled. 

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